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  • Mounting Requirements
    Roof mount Ground mount
    Equipment Preferences (Optional)

    Note: If preference not available, designer will select modules.

  • Battery Back-Up (Optional)

    Battery back-up data is required for all off-grid solar systems. Battery banks are used as back-up power in grid-tied systems.

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  • feet
  • feet
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  • Design Requirements
  • °F
  • °F
  • Temperature information is available at www.weather.com, enter zip code, go to "Averages".

  • feet
  • feet
  • feet
  • feet
  • Exposure A; means the large city centers with at least 50% of the buildings having a height in excess of 70 ft

    Exposure B; is urban and suburban areas, wooded areas, or other terrain with numerous closely spaced obstructions having the size of single family dwellings.

    Exposure C; has open terrain with scattered obstructions having heights generally less than 30 feet. This category includes flat open country, grasslands and all water surfaces in hurricane prone regions.

    Exposure D; has flat, unobstructed areas and water surfaces outside hurricane prone regions. This category includes smooth mud flats, salt flats and unbroken ice.

    If in doubt, always use the more extreme category.

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